Top 5 ways Fathers can bond with their new baby! (that support breastfeeding)

WHO_breastfeeding_graphic_series_dad I’ve been around a lot of stellar papas lately, prompting me to write about how it’s done right!

Until the day comes when we no longer coo, ooh, and ahh – not at baby, but at the dads – for doing something that we wouldn’t even bat at an eye at mama doing, here is my top 10 of things that new dads can do to that support breastfeeding, but more important, develop that ever-so-important papa-baby bond!

  1. Skin to skin (aka kangaroo care). Stripping down to your skivvies with your baby provides them with reassurance, comfort, regulates their body temperature, respiration and heartbeat – and releases that ooey gooey love hormone oxytocin. There is almost no better way to fall in love with your baby.
  2. Babywearing. Choose an ergonomic baby carrier that you are comfortable installing baby in (this might take a little practice, but so do most new things!), and tote them around the house, on outings, for naps, and hey – it’s a good workout!
  3. Take a bath with baby. Getting naked with your kids helps them develop a healthy sense of body image, plus you get clean (this can be a challenge for new parents haha), and all the benefits of skin to skin – all in one!
  4. Sleep with your baby. You know you want a nap. Mama knows she wants a nap where she can turn off her “baby-dar” for an hour or two of precious rest where papa is on duty.
  5. Anything other than feeding. Yep, that’s right, anything that needs to be done with a baby can be done by papa EXCEPT FOR FEEDING. Shopping, playing, going to the park, changing diapers, changing clothes, playdates, tummy time, naked time, singing, the list goes on and on!

What are the ways the Dads in your life bond with their baby and support breastfeeding?


2 thoughts on “Top 5 ways Fathers can bond with their new baby! (that support breastfeeding)

    • Haha yes! I find I do everything far more efficiently and with less stress when Papa is in charge of the baby…even if it’s something I totally could’ve done while babywearing or in charge of baby myself. Off-duty time is important!

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